On a mission to regain the pioneering spirit.

Traditionally, RVs have been complicated, heavy, and inflexible machines that didn’t offer people enough time outdoors. They made people dependent to campsites, stuck cooking indoors, and often a nuisance to tow around. We wanted to build something that was completely opposite of that, so we invented Scout.

At Scout, we build simplistic, lightweight, and versatile truck campers that allow people to travel more freely and self-sufficiently off-the-grid. What sets us apart from anything that is out there is how customizable, portable, and multi-functional our campers are. We wanted to create adventure vehicles that challenged the norms of the industry, so we took the concept of a camper and turned it inside out.

That’s why Scout’s amenities are detachable and can be taken out and enjoyed outdoors. It’s also why our campers require little energy to operate and come standard with a monocrystalline solar panel and portable lithium battery. And it’s why our systems are simple and portable, like our water storage, so users can rely on natural resources and be self-reliant wherever they go.