Bringing portability to truck campers.


On a mission to regain the pioneering spirit.  

Unlike any other, these lightweight truck campers were built with simplicity and flexibility in mind which has led to their highly versatile, innovative design. Every Scout comes with components that can be taken out and enjoyed outside, and the options for customization are endless.


Scout is manufactured in Yakima, Washington by Adventurer Manufacturing who has been building Adventure Vehicles and truck bed campers for over 50 years.


Portability in Design 

Take the inside out. 

Scout is an invitation to travel lighter. The minimalist design allows for off-grid camping without compromising quality or innovation. Inside these lightweight campers, you’ll find detachable camping equipment that you can take with you on other adventures too, even without the truck camper itself. The portable and multi-functional nature of Scout and its components has created a new direction for the off-grid camper industry.

Scout Olympic - Home.jpg

Spend more time Outside 

No need to cook inside when you’re on an adventure. Take your gear, camp chairs, fridge, and stove outside and enjoy more fresh air. In our Olympic model, the slide-out prep station  doubles as an outdoor table-top that you can cook on and use as a functional surface while off-grid camping. And with the 270 degree awning,  you’ll be protected from the elements when needed.

The world is your kitchen.


Clean, Natural & Self-sufficient. 

Scout is inspired by nature itself. Our campers require are incredibly energy efficient due to carefully thought design like a gravity-fed water system, detachable water storage, 175W flexible monocrystalline solar panel, and the optional real flame gas fireplace.

Natural Resources 

The portable lithium power stations provide plenty of re-chargeable green energy that is compatible with the solar panel and standard electrical outlets. The portable water storage means that users can fill up at the destination because it also comes with a built-in filtration system that offers 10,000 liters of filtered water. All your needs can be supplied by nature, letting you travel self-sufficiently without limits.


We have limited availability.

Due to increased demand please contact us for lead times and pre-order information.